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Exploring creativity with every stroke! ????✨ Our Nursery students delved into a colorful class activity today: Finger Painting! ????️???? From swirls of vibrant hues to imaginative patterns, their tiny fingers became brushes of endless possibilities. ????????️
Grade 12 Hotel Management students turning theory into practice with impeccable table setups and gracious guest receptions. ????️✨ Elevating hospitality with every detail!

Why to travel?

“A person needs at intervals to separate from family and companions and go to new places. One must go without familiars in order to be open to influences, to change.”   – Katharine Butler Hathaway

Our School Overview 

Focused to amplify the excellent learning environment to all the students so as to enable them to develop the best that is latent in children, and to prepare them for the challenges of the changing world by evolving their inner potential and grow up as successful human beings without inhibition and prejudice in any form. 

Why Bouddha International School ?

Our emphasis is on value-based education delivered by professionals trained in progressive teaching-learning approaches. We help develop proactive, confident and responsible young people with a passion for lifelong learning.

About IPC Curriculum

Winter Vacation – 2019

Bouddha International School

Mother’s Sports Day Special



9th National Games Participation

9th National Games 2079 (Gandaki Province) Participants from our School Subrat Rajopadhyay - Captain of Nepal Police Club Basketball Team Pooja Magar - Coach of ITF Taekwondo (Bagmati Province) Satya Narayan Manandhar - Judge of Gymastic games Anita Maharjan - Player...

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Ashadh 15

One of the most awaited occasion, remembered and celebrated by rice plantation.

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Principal’s Message…

There has always been shift in the educational practices. With much modification and changes, believing that the students of the present generation is not just enough to be academically sound but be endowed with complete personality traits, many academic institutions came into existence and in the process of coming in the country. Among those mass, Bouddha International School is one that is established to produce the citizens with intellectually sharp, emotionally secured, physically healthy and spiritually peace for the better world. Of many attributes, to shape the children of the present generation in the correct form, excellent infrastructure, strength of the academic team, management committee, excellent atmosphere, teaching learning methodology and appropriate exposure take the precedence. And with immense pride, I assert that these attributes are the features of the BIS. 

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Admission Booking

An online competition for young mind !

It aims the children to:

  • Challenge their intellectual capability
  • Expand their knowledge in specific areas
  • Find their career paths
  • Experience their academic area of interest from a global perspective
  • Build their self–confidence through subject-based questions
  • Deepen their knowledge and build multidisciplinary life skills
  • Become actively involved in an online challenge
  • Utilize individual qualities through collaborative activities
  • Improve their language skills by studying particular subject areas.


I am very happy to see my child progress and developing performance day by day. The ECA is helping my child to be more creative and interactive at mass. The communication system of this school is really excellent.

Mr. Ishwor Man Rai

My son always like to go to school, he enjoys in school and feels bore at home on Saturday. He does his homework with keen interest and finishes on time. We are very happy seeing positive changes in his behavior.

Mrs. Rima Pradhan

बिगतका समयमा मैले यस बिद्यालयको बारेमा सुनेको भएरनै आफ्नो छोरालाइ यहाँ पढाउने निर्णय गरेको थिए र जुन निर्णय आज आएर सहि निर्णय साबित भएको छ । यहाँको सान्त सुन्दर बाताबरणमा बसेर पढ्दा बिद्यार्थी हरुले बाहिरी नकारात्मक बाताबरणको प्रभाब बाट मुक्त भएजस्तो लाग्दछ ।

माया लामा छेत्री

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