Our Significant features:

Evaluation Process:- Each individual student is evaluated through his/her day to day performance on monthly as well as Term basis. Parents are availed to get updates through online system.

Evaluation Criteria:- To get the authentic progress of students, we follow genuine criteria i.e. Punctuality, Discipline, Skill, Effort, Progress. Club day:- Learning is not enough.

Children need some platform to exhibit their talents. So BIS organizes a mega event as “Club Day” for our twinkling stars to demonstrate their skills Categories:-

ECA Department has three main categories which are

  • Arts
  • CCA
  • Sports

Frequent Internal Competition:- Competition builds confidence within students. So we conduct several internal competitions within clubs, to give exposure to our students. National/International Competition/ Tournament:- World has been globalized, so we do keep our students updating through making them participate in several national/international competitions/tournaments. This gives our students a platform to exhibit their talents and learn through the exposure.

Parents v/s School Competition:- BMS strongly believes that parents are our supportive pillars to make us grow better than the best. To strengthen the knot of friendly and healthy relation with the parents, school organizes competition including parents and school staff.

DEAR Project [Drop Everything and Read]:

In order to inculcate the habit of reading among students the entire school family including teachers, students, administrative members and non teaching staff read a book of their own interest for 20 minutes every day before to begin a lesson.

EEP [Enriched educational Program]:

For junior kids we have introduced EEP projects in order to enhance their multiple intelligences.


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